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    Mt. Auburn Animal Control    


We are committed to keeping the Village a safe place for residents and their pets. If one of your beloved pets gets loose give our dog catcher a call and we will keep a look out. Also, call if you have any concern of loose and/or dangerous animals of any kind. We will do our very best to keep you and your family safe... Thank You.

Village Code, Chapter 2: Animals

     Amendments to Chapter 2

          2-1-8 Impoundment of Dogs Running at Lg. or Unlicensed : (Amend. ord. #169)

          2-1-10 Dogs Prohibited From Running Loose: (Amend. ord. #91) 

          2-1-11 Impoundment of Dogs which have bitten person: (Amend. ord. #169)

          2-2-6 Animals, Etc. In Village: (Amend. ord. #166)

Dog Catcher